About Us

Studio One Tattoo opened in October 1992 in a small, two station shop with two artists and no piercing. After five years at that location, the business got too big!

After massive renovations, the shop was moved three blocks away to an old Victorian house. The studio now has seven full-time artists and a three piercers. There are over 1,500 sheets of designs to choose from, or you can have something custom drawn for you. Also available is a large assortment of jewelry.

The studio is very comfortable and clean. Our waiting room and reception area are adorned with a great many awards, trophies and artwork. There are seven tattoo stations, a piercing room, a drawing room and a sterilization room. All of our equipment is autoclave sterilized. Needles and ink are single use only, and Board of Health certificates are proudly displayed.

Our studio covers all styles of tattooing, and a full range of piercing is available. So if you want a great tattoo or piercing from one of our award winning artists, stop by or call. We will be more than happy to help you with your ideas and make you feel comfortable.

Hope to see you soon!