Pricing & IDs

Legal ID is required of all customers young and old.

Minors 16 and over can be Tattooed with legal guardian. 
Minors 14 and over can be Pierced with legal guardian. 
If this legal guardian is not a birth parent, you will need to bring court paperwork proving guardianship. Both Parent and Minor will NEED a legal ID. IDs for Minors can be a Birth Certificate and a Photo School ID or any State,Federal, or Military ID. We reserve the right to use good judgment on the design, size and placement of tattoos and piercing's on minors.

Please, for your safety, don't shop for tattoos or piercing on price alone.
Since 1992, Studio One has strived to provide the best tattooing and piercing in the Philadelphia area. Ask around, you'll hear... Studio One has the most experienced staff and does the best work, at any price. Trust Studio One.

All prices include standard jewelry.

Navel - $60     
Eyebrow - $60
Nostril (with a ring or stud) - $60
Septum - $60
Earlobe - $30 or both for $60
Ear Cartilage - $60
Ear Tragus - $60
Ear Industrial -- $80
Nipple - $60 or both for $80

*Due to covid 19 we are not doing jewlery changes at this time.

Studio One offers a full line of jewelry for all your body piercing needs. Most jewelry is priced from $5-$10. We can also make custom orders from our suppliers for almost anything.

Tattoos are priced by size, detail and body placement.
Prices start at a $100 minimum.

In some body areas, tattoos take longer to apply.
For example, an $100 tattoo on the arm may cost $125 on your stomach.

Appointments are necessary for custom or larger designs. Appointments will require at least a $50 deposit. Deposits are a down payment on the work you are scheduling, meaning the deposit comes off the price of the tattoo. Deposits cover our drawing time in case of a missed appointment and are only refunded if you have given timely notice of your appointment cancellation.

Large tattoos are done by 2-4 hour sitting. Most Sittings cost between $250-$450.
A half sleeve will average 2-4 sittings depending on detail.
A full sleeve will average 5-12 sittings depending on detail. 
A full back will average 4-12 sittings depending on detail. 
Some styles of tattoos may be priced hourly. Most costs between $100-$150per hour

Studio One accepts all major credit and debit cards, but always prefers cash.